TYPE OF PROJECT: H2020-SME [Research and innovation program in the EU to finance initiatives of the companies that will lead the market in 2020]


BUDGET: 1,825,594€

Only project granted to an European company for biopesticide research in the first call of the H2020 projects, considered like the Champions League of the research projects, with a budget of more than 1.8 million euros.

The purpose of this H2020-SME project, granted to KIMITEC in 2015, is to obtain biopesticides through molecules obtained from by-products of the food industry, as well as the adaptation of the endemic plant cultivation that over expresses bioactive molecules.

By means of this project, the European Union endorses our line of work in biopesticides, offering a real solution to the problems of plagues in agriculture contributing highly effective, environmental, sustainable, and organic alternatives to the protection of conventional and organic crops.


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